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Darkness Fell

Easter weekend has come and gone and now the stores are full of really cheap candy. Most of it made of super gross marshmallows and the abomination that passes for chocolate every spring. *shudder* Obviously, I’m not a fan. Speaking of fans, sorry for the reflection in this top picture.

Our church held a night of worship on Good Friday with an art gallery. This was piece I made for the event. Titled, “Darkness Fell” it is based on the scriptural accounts in the gospels that state when Jesus died “darkness fell over the land,..for the sun stopped shining.”

photo (26)

The picture shows the Garden of Gethsemane below Jerusalem. The back ground colors were done with a mix of acrylic and watercolor.


photo (28)


The three crosses on Golgotha’s hill are on the left. The light pushes the shadows of the thieves’ crosses behind them, The cross of Jesus I reversed the shadow, reaching towards the people in Jerusalem. The rolling black clouds creeping across the sky were the most troublesome part of this painting to execute the way I saw them in my head, but I’m mostly satisfied with the result.


photo (27)


Sketching Jerusalem in was my favorite. I’ve never sketched over a washed back ground before but, I’m going to be doing a lot more of it. I used a black sketching pen and a white gel pen for this, and for the shaping and highlighting across the paintings other major features. You are probably going to see a lot of buildings using a background wash with black and white in the future on this blog.



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