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I’ve been thinking a lot about experience and perspective these last few days. What we experience and what we relate about that experience are never going to be a 100% match. Ten people experiencing a sunrise will remember 10 different aspects of that sunrise. Try to make the event more complicated and most people won’t remember enough similar details to prove they were all at the same place at the same time.

From the priorities we are programed with from our upbringing, our personality, our personal interest, and our individual levels of perceptiveness there results an endless sea of options when it comes to regurgitating information. Not all of it is slight of hand by the brain either. We every one of us will jilt information in our favor no matter what the subject is. Our body posture, our tone, as well as our inflection and word choice is all, always, on the factory setting of Self Preservation.

On a personal level this results in nothing more than the persona with which any individual interacts with the universe. On a the grand scale you get…everything else. Right wing, left wing, liberal, conservative, Democrat, Republican, His say, Her say, hearsay, politics, caste, dean’s lists, business hierarchy, glass ceilings, age discrimination, race discrimination, capitalism, socialism, communism, affirmative action, sexism, feminism, macho-ism, and the worst of the worst – justification of all possible outcomes from any action. Please don’t skim that last one. Take the time to digest it. Dig down into your gray matter and really turn the turf there.


What Is Not What Comes Out


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