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LifeLight 2014 reached a while new level for the 360 Loft Art Gallery and Stage. We placed all acoustic acts on the stage and put a higher number of Loft artist on it too.
A new face was Jenifer Jones,


She is a fantastic lady and did a fantastic job on stage with her words and off stage leading LifeLight’s first ever spoken word clinic.

We had plenty of familiar faces to,


Andy Raines, the Passion Painter, who has been a regular at LifeLight Festivals across the country for years. His paint clinic drew not only festival goers, but festival coordinators as well,


Because paint therapy is for everyone.


Sadie Ussery was our master of multitasking this year as she helped me man the Loft, bought art to show, spoke on stage, and led our opening paint clinic of the weekend.

I didn’t manage to grab selfies with or working pics of the  God’s Gallery, who were a force of paint, prayer, and encouragement again this year. Nor the amazing Marica, who worked with me year round helping spiff up the Gallery, work long hours over the weekend, and led a clay working clinic.
Shame on me huh? Here are some other photo favorites from the weekend though.






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