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Living the Full Life

Some days more than others I look around our world today and get overwhelmed with how many things are wrong, sickening, disheartening, evil and saddening. Today is one of those days…I see unwanted babies, I see deceptive and evil workings within government and leadership, I see Isis, Christian persecution, sex trafficking and slavery, pornography, cyber bullying, depression and suicide….the list goes on.
My anger towards Isis and all those who rape, murderer, kill, destroy and persecute people for their own glory and sick twisted perversions escalates but then I’m reminded that God is LOVE and God is JUST! He WILL reign and that day when He reigns ALL eyes will be opened to their wrongdoing and they shall receive worse than anything we can imagine here on earth. Let us pray that they will turn and repent before it’s too late.
We should be concerned for THEIR lives for they…

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