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Sorry, in the Vaccine Debate, the ‘Experts’ are the Historians.



Dear Blog, this week I discovered how bad I am with plants. The new neighbors gave me a potted daisy. I tried very hard to keep it alive. Plenty of sun, water, and not being eaten by the cat. It spent the majority of its time dieing anyway. I finally set outside on the dirty next to the whatever they are that grows in my front yard. The plant recovered fully. I am so bad with plants that literally releasing them into the wild where I ignore them completely gives them better odds.

Living the Full Life

Some days more than others I look around our world today and get overwhelmed with how many things are wrong, sickening, disheartening, evil and saddening. Today is one of those days…I see unwanted babies, I see deceptive and evil workings within government and leadership, I see Isis, Christian persecution, sex trafficking and slavery, pornography, cyber bullying, depression and suicide….the list goes on.
My anger towards Isis and all those who rape, murderer, kill, destroy and persecute people for their own glory and sick twisted perversions escalates but then I’m reminded that God is LOVE and God is JUST! He WILL reign and that day when He reigns ALL eyes will be opened to their wrongdoing and they shall receive worse than anything we can imagine here on earth. Let us pray that they will turn and repent before it’s too late.
We should be concerned for THEIR lives for they…

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My name is Sha’fawn. The acolytes at the temple call me ‘sister’. The masters call me ‘daughter’. They are my family now because nightmare weavers are donated to the temple at the age of 3. You must start your training young to properly understand history and morality. You must train hard to properly weave a nightmare capable of reminding the citizens why following the laws of the Qual’niani Mountain Kingdom is so important. Life in the mountains is harsh. It’s people are harsh. It has made its worship harsh too.
I am the best nightmare weaver among the lower acolytes. Master Tavish of the Temple Library, where I have lived with my fellow acolytes since entering the Temple, says I will be the youngest to achieve the title of Master in three generations. I don’t care about that. I care about leaving the Temple.
Acolytes incur debt to the Temple from their training and keep. I cannot leave until my ledger is no longer red. Master Lavish is old enough to be a grandfather and his ledger will not reach black in his lifetime. The training required to run the library is large, and the stipend he is paid from the parishioners offerings is not enough.
Nightmare weavers earn more. We are alloted every 30th silver coin and every 100th gold we earn in the courtyard for our weave of words and contrition. It will take me beyond the years of childbearing to pay my debt. That is why I made a deal with the lowest of low, darkest of dark, most sinful of sinners. I aid the Bone Eater. For a silver coin I find knowledge in the Library. For a gold coin I lend a script from sundown to sunup. For a bar of mountain gold the size of a man’s first finger I will let the Bone Eater into the Library labyrinth for a day and a night.
I am Sha’fawn. I am a Nightmare Weaver. I will do anything to leave the Temple.

My name is Kelsternian. My sister calls me Kels. My father calls me nothing. Disowned daughters have no names in the great ancestry scrolls.
I am best known by my title in the moral laden parables of the nightmare weavers. I am the Bone Eater. It’s morose and vile sounding, but like any other merchant selling something the weavers must hawk their wares, they just do it in the temple courtyards. It is a smart business to be in. Temples are never taxed. I can appreciate that, my work is tax free too. Of course if I were to alert the local guilds about my trade my earnest honesty to give the Governor his cut would result in my death.
The nightmare weavers love emphasizing that bit. I don’t hold it against them, the more horror and warning they can work into a tale the better they are paid. It works too, for its purpose. Control through fear. Scare the crowd enough and even the amorally inclined will obey, more or less.
I have never thought of myself as amoral. I do most certainly fall into the category of ‘less’.
Bring me the finger bone from an enemy and I can tell you all your enemy’s secrets. With your ancestors’ finger bones I can tell you all the secrets of your past. For one of your finger bones, I can tell you your future.
I am Kelsternian and I am the bone eater.

Now this is a both a clever, and more scientifically accurate, post on Vax. It amazes me that no matter what the issue, parents seem to want to flock to the side that requires less responsibility out of them. The Raff article, which I read thoroughly, was the equivalent of a toddler screaming in a corner. Parents should be much more proactive than that when it comes to their child’s health.

Rina Marie 1994, a song written by a jam band called Blues Traveler came out and was played in clubs and on radios across the nation.  It made the top ten charts and remains one of the most memorable songs from the 1990’s.  That song was entitled Hook and the lyrics of the song assert that even if what a singer sings about is effectively meaningless, listeners will keep coming back to it so long as it’s articulated in a way that makes listeners feel “some inner truth of vast reflection” is being conveyed.  Most listeners didn’t even pay attention to the lyrics, but sang along anyway.  Well, folks, that’s exactly what’s been happening recently with an article on vaccinations that’s been making the rounds lately.  Welcome to information age, where a blog post can be shared all over cyberspace and receive over 10,000 “likes” on facebook and say very…

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LifeLight 2014 reached a while new level for the 360 Loft Art Gallery and Stage. We placed all acoustic acts on the stage and put a higher number of Loft artist on it too.
A new face was Jenifer Jones,


She is a fantastic lady and did a fantastic job on stage with her words and off stage leading LifeLight’s first ever spoken word clinic.

We had plenty of familiar faces to,


Andy Raines, the Passion Painter, who has been a regular at LifeLight Festivals across the country for years. His paint clinic drew not only festival goers, but festival coordinators as well,


Because paint therapy is for everyone.


Sadie Ussery was our master of multitasking this year as she helped me man the Loft, bought art to show, spoke on stage, and led our opening paint clinic of the weekend.

I didn’t manage to grab selfies with or working pics of the  God’s Gallery, who were a force of paint, prayer, and encouragement again this year. Nor the amazing Marica, who worked with me year round helping spiff up the Gallery, work long hours over the weekend, and led a clay working clinic.
Shame on me huh? Here are some other photo favorites from the weekend though.







My tiny Cityscapes are finally done. 



Blood, sweat and watercolor tears…minus the blood…and sweat because I work exclusively in air-conditioning.  Totally suffered hand and neck cramps for these babies though.



The photos of these are curtesy of the spectacular Shaina Hermann of




You can see the originals at the LifeLight Music Festival in Worthing SD this weekend – Aug. 29th – 31st – plus the art work of many other fantastic artist at the on site 360 Loft Art Gallery. Conveniently located above the only espresso machine within 20 miles.




I will also have prints available to order soon. How exciting is that? 




These two beauties were given to me for our 2014 360 Loft Art Gallery. I loved them the moment I saw them.



Mostly I loved giving them a make over.



They are going to hang in the Torch, the coffee house underneath the 360 Loft.  If you are in SD over Labor Day weekend you can swing by the LifeLight Festival and check the pieces out while you sip a double espresso, and enjoying the music.