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Tag Archives: color theory

Grown up coloring books have been main stream for quite awhile. I didn’t get in on the action myself until my MIL bought me Johanna Bradford’s “Lost Ocean”. My instincts with the first page was a primal, toddler- like, Use All The Colors!!!

I thought I would fill it quickly, but it’s been over a year and I’ve finished maybe six images.  Disclaimer- This book is NOT boring.

What it is is a delightfully unexpected opportunity to challenge my colored pencil game.

Disclaimer- my colored pencil game is not strong.

I’m working gamely away at shading, blending, and zeroing in on balanced color palettes.

This sea weed is a combo of three colors gently worked into one another. Pre-snazzy-coloring book me would never have messed with that sort of careful detail.

I am not magical becoming a colored pencil expert through this experience. I am enjoying myself, and my 9 year old thinks I’m a coloring book ninja master so I’m impressing the people who matter.