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Grown up coloring books have been main stream for quite awhile. I didn’t get in on the action myself until my MIL bought me Johanna Bradford’s “Lost Ocean”. My instincts with the first page was a primal, toddler- like, Use All The Colors!!!

I thought I would fill it quickly, but it’s been over a year and I’ve finished maybe six images.  Disclaimer- This book is NOT boring.

What it is is a delightfully unexpected opportunity to challenge my colored pencil game.

Disclaimer- my colored pencil game is not strong.

I’m working gamely away at shading, blending, and zeroing in on balanced color palettes.

This sea weed is a combo of three colors gently worked into one another. Pre-snazzy-coloring book me would never have messed with that sort of careful detail.

I am not magical becoming a colored pencil expert through this experience. I am enjoying myself, and my 9 year old thinks I’m a coloring book ninja master so I’m impressing the people who matter.


Line Art and Marker Study


Indian Ink artist pen on heavy weight sketch paper. Design by Mclairelxs titled “Line King” Source in link.

I’m titling mine “wonky-eyed lion”. This is a fun style, I may stick with it awhile.