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Truth in Art. It’s a saying. They say it. The Magical “They”.

The Magical They are correct on many levels. The one that gets me right now is skill sets. I have a weak sauce issue with my anatomy skills. I haven’t put in the hard time yet to really grasp naturally the awkwardness of the human body. Our planes and angles are full of hardness and squishy bits in a jumble of pigment and individual imperfection.

The following is a digital painting of by Apterus Graphics – the social media art handle associated with White Wizard Games. I don’t know specifically which artist does these, but they have an insane grasp of the anatomical; both in its reality and in their ability to stretch those proportions and lines to the extreme.



I am doing a sketch every day this month. A little motivational challenge to get me honing my skills.

I am focusing on my shading. I am always very light handed with it and that isn’t a good thing all the time.

I have set myself a focused art task every month so far this year. It’s a good method to use for enjoying and growing a skill since my interest are a little spread out and it is easy to ignore things accidentally that I love to do.

Grown up coloring books have been main stream for quite awhile. I didn’t get in on the action myself until my MIL bought me Johanna Bradford’s “Lost Ocean”. My instincts with the first page was a primal, toddler- like, Use All The Colors!!!

I thought I would fill it quickly, but it’s been over a year and I’ve finished maybe six images. ¬†Disclaimer- This book is NOT boring.

What it is is a delightfully unexpected opportunity to challenge my colored pencil game.

Disclaimer- my colored pencil game is not strong.

I’m working gamely away at shading, blending, and zeroing in on balanced color palettes.

This sea weed is a combo of three colors gently worked into one another. Pre-snazzy-coloring book me would never have messed with that sort of careful detail.

I am not magical becoming a colored pencil expert through this experience. I am enjoying myself, and my 9 year old thinks I’m a coloring book ninja master so I’m impressing the people who matter.

I love white shoes. I hate dirty, white shoes. I feel it’s a common boat to be in. 

Thankfully a little, cheap, craft paint goes a long way for the willing.

They were a quickly done project. Yes that also means they are a little sloppy. 

What can I say? I’m an impatient crafter.  

My desk needed…something.

I have been purposeful this year to focus my crafting on the supplies I already have instead of always buying more.

I had glitter, paint, hot glue, chop sticks, and a small, glass, milk bottle. I built layers of glue up on the sticks then coated them in silver glitter.

A few coats of paint on the bottle and now my candles have a matching, silver bouquet nestled amongst them.

Today I’m sending a mom/teacher friend bookmarks I made with watercolor and ink. 

I’m speed reading my way through some Sarah Raasch. 

What’s on your summer reading list?

Hello, blogging world! My little corner has reawoken at last. 

My little art project this week are these three little note cards I am mailing to friends. 

A handmade gift in the mail can make anyone’s day better, don’t you think?

Source: Dumb-ass stuff we need to stop saying to Dads.


I have a ten day old baby girl in my arms right now. This article is 100% the boss.

How you paint happy little trees without a white ‘fro.

Source: Childlike Faith